Emraan Hashmi’s entrance sequence will cost in millions of rupees (double digits) and it’s going to be epic!

YRF is shelling out over a crore, in double digits, for Emraan Hashmi’s entrance scene in Tiger 3 (Image credit: Instagram / therealemraan, movie still)

Fans are super excited to see Salman Khan on the big screen as Tiger in the third installment of the spy movie franchise. While Khan will reprise her role as Avinash Singh Rathore, aka Tiger, Katrina Kaif will play former ISI agent Zoya, while Emraan Hashmi will enter the franchise as the antagonist, an ISI agent who is targeting as the answer to Pakistan to Salman’s Tiger. And now we have some details about his entrance scene.

While Salman has had incredible intro scenes in the first two movies, the same will happen in this one as well. However, what caught our attention is Emraan’s entrance scene and he reports that YRF is shelling over 10 million rupees into it. Shocked? Well, read below why the creators have made this decision. We are sure it will be epic.

Speaking about the cast introduction scenes in this YRF production, a source close to the development told Pinkvilla: “Salman Khan’s films often have some of the most heroic introductory sequences for the actor, and his entrance scene from Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai are among the most iconic of recent years. The creators have carefully curated another heroic entrance scene for Salman in Tiger 3. The same goes for Katrina’s Zoya, who got a separate introductory scene in Tiger Zinda Hai. “

Continuing further, the source also shed some light on Emraan’s presentation scene. The insider said, “This time, even the antagonist will have an incredible presentation. Maneesh (Sharma), Adi (Aditya Chopra) and the stunt team have designed an action sequence costing more than Rs 10 million for Emraan Hashmi’s intro in Tiger 3. “The source added that said scene would be shot in the next months.

According to the source, the idea behind giving Emraan Hashmi a grand entrance is because he is being touted as Pakistan’s answer to Salman Khan’s Tiger. The source explained. “Tiger is an established character and therefore they are portraying Emraan as the larger-than-life baddie from the start. The idea is to present him as a guy who is as powerful as Tiger and the introductory scene will lay the groundwork for the actual battle between the two Tigers through the narrative. “

Speaking of the movie, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif resume filming Tiger 3 today at Yash Raj Studio. Emraan is expected to join the team soon. Speaking of which, the source said: “Both Salman and Katrina have been working for the part of the film in Mumbai and abroad as the schedules require them to do some of the most intense scenes in the film. In fact, starting today, Salman and Kat will be filming for what is being touted as the most intense show on T3. “

Emraan Hashmi has been hitting the gym a lot lately to reinforce his antagonist role in the YRF movie.

Once the Mumbai schedule concludes in mid-August, the cast and crew will fly overseas for the overseas stage. Shah Rukh Khan, who is currently busy with YRF’S Pathan, reportedly has a cameo in Tiger 3 and will do so next month.

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