7 cute reels of Mehak Ghai and Mahir Pandhi that prove they’re made for each other

Deepal Mehta, July 22, 2021

Mahir Pandhi and Mehak Ghai (Instagram: | mehakghaiii)

Mahir Pandhi and Mehak Ghai (Instagram: | mehakghaiii)

You know that love is in the air when two people start to think of each other in everything they do. No matter how my day goes, looking at people in love is what makes me happy. Mehak Ghai Y Mahir pandhi They are one of those pairs that are #CoupleObjectiveAnd yes I believe in soulmates haha. They are the couple that has been hit the most by Cupid’s arrow, right? Mehak is a fashion, beauty and travel blogger while Mahir is an actor, but when the two are together they are just like any other normal silly couple. Tbh, these two beauties are making me fall in love with them every day through their Coils! So, do you believe in love, like I do? If so, let’s look at some of their corny and adorable moments together.

Scroll down to see some butterflies in your stomach …

1. She said YES!

The Reel where Mahir asks Mehak out had to be upstairs because of Mehak’s invaluable reactions. The day Mahir officially announced his plus one forever! I’m pretty sure this healthy video brings a lot of feelings and emotions between all of us. Also, brb, crying for my single life.

2. Who is most likely to do it?

LOL, I love how all the couple trends jump in a spontaneous but cute way. TbhMore than the questions, I was enjoying their laughs, nonsense, and of course the way Mahir said, ‘Okay bye’ at the end. Isn’t this just an accurate representation of unfiltered love? Y OMGHow adorable Mehak looks in these pigtails!

3. This or that

Haven’t we all seen couples accept this challenge, but all of this is my Favourite! The way they meet is beyond my imagination. One great thing about them is that they always try to support each other no matter what and that’s the foundation of every relationship, right?

4. Lovingly annoying

I’m not sure, but I think that’s why Mehak fell in love with Mahir in the first place. he he. All the couples in the house, raise your hand yeah all of you can relate to this some reel! Also, this may sound a bit unorthodox, but yeah, I think I need to put a ‘kaala teekha‘to this pair, as they are absolutely killing with its unfiltered content.

5. Two personalities

Well come on they all sulk when they’re hungry amirita? Mehak is no different, she also has two personalities like all of us before and after eating. Mahir’s reactions are like what is happening here. But that ‘I love you’ in the end summed up their entire relationship in just 2 words, how cute right?

6. Better together

OMGFirst of all, this song feels complete! Mahir collected some of his Favourite moments together and put them all together in this beautiful Reel. The atmosphere is completely magical, especially ‘because it is in monochrome. Not forgetting, the text too, it just fills my heart to see them smile and be weird together, how romantic. <3

7. Soulmates

I believe in soul mates, just like them! There is no question that they are both hilarious, adorable, down to earth, talented, and all the cute possible adjectives in the dictionary. haha. If you don’t believe me, take a look at your Instagram accounts. These two love birds are defo #Relationship goalsand we are all in favor.

Tbh, I can’t get enough of them and I hope this made you fall in love with them again. All about these two beauties defo It makes me laugh. I am so happy for them and wish that they remain the same always and forever. On a side note, I hope you stay safe and home at all times.


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