Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Prediction From May 2 To May 8, 2022

Check What Your Stars Predict – PS It’s Good News For Gemini & Libra!

Weekly Horoscope From May 2 To May 8, 2022: Here’s How Your Upcoming Week May Go! (Photo Credit – Website)

Weekly Horoscope From May 2 To May 8, 2022: Mondays usually come with blues but also set your pace for the rest of the weekend. Koimoi brings to you predictions on the basis of your sun signs to make you aware ahead of opportunities, warn you against odds and so much more.

From Aries to Cancer and Virgo, check out the Weekly horoscope for the upcoming week below:

Aries – This week is favorable for your already planned tasks. You should just go with the flow without too much stress. Go for regular meditation sessions for clarity in your thoughts.

Taurus – This week is idle for you to reconnect with your inner self and unleash your hidden potential. You are expected to come out of your comfort zone and take up some challenging roles at the workplace.

Gemini – The best thing for you this week is to trust your instincts for the tasks that you wish to accomplish. You might meet the love of your life in an unexpected manner this week.

Cancer – You should stop being people pleaser and start listening to your strong instincts. You might end up losing some of the important relationships in your life this week. Beware of backstabbers.

Leo – Be ready to explore some adventure on an unplanned trip this week. You are bound to get in touch with a long-lost friend/colleague who will play a major role in the upcoming events in your life.

Virgo – You might be involved in some dirty family politics. Think with your head and not your heart. Try not to react immediately to situations.

Pound – Stay true to yourself this week. You are expected to hear some good news at the work front. Stay focused on all the tasks that you are taking up a professional and personal front.

scorpio – Be prepared for criticism from either a senior in your office or a family member. Take this criticism in a constructive way and improvise on yourself. Take out some time for any kind of exercise.

sagittarius – You deserve some rest this week from the usual monotonous life. Take a break from work and spend some quality time with yourself to rejuvenate yourself.

capricorn – This week with open some new unexpected opportunities for you. Stay focused on all your tasks to make your dreams come true.

Aquarius – It is high time for you to start saving for the future. Don’t spend on unnecessary things as a long pending big investment is waiting for you.

pisces – Focus on your health and the health of your loved ones. Stop worrying unnecessarily as things this week your manifestations are coming true. Start practicing Yoga under the supervision of an expert.

Stay tuned to Koimoi for the upcoming Weekly Horoscope!

PredictionsBy: Pandit Jagannath Guruji

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