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I love watching movies that are made about movies. Until now, ever since I came to my senses and got interested in movies, I have been watching almost Hindi movies made about movies. However the ‘thirsty’ yes or ‘dirty image’ And I tell you with confidence that making movies about movies becomes a different dream world. The reason is that for all those viewers like me who are interested in the magical world of cinema, they have the opportunity to know aspects that they do not know yet. ‘Animosity is right’ The reason I was curious about it was for these reasons. Although I have seen movies based on Mahesh Bhatt and Parbin Babi’s love story before, the beauty of these love stories is that each director keeps adding a new perspective. This time director Pushpraj ‘Animosity is right’ I will tell in detail about the web series they have brought and what a new perspective they bring to this story.

what is the history

There has been a different fantasy about Hindi movies and their world. In every decade, there have been love stories and adventure tales from directors and actresses. One of the few such incidents has been a famous director Mahesh Bhatt and actress parveen babi of love story, to which some references refer ‘that moment’ He appeared in the movie. Once again the director Pushpraj ‘Animosity is right’ Having brought This eight-episode series tells the love story of a director and an actress. Shankar( Tahir Raj Bhasin) is a director, but has not been successful in filmmaking so far. Aamna Parvez ( love paul) is a great actress. All directors are willing to do anything to work with this actress. On the other hand, Shankar’s wife Anju (Amrita Puri) Hey. But Anju doesn’t interfere much in Shankar’s life. Principal Shankar is in a difficult condition and the circumstances are such that Aamna and Shankar meet. But after this what changes come in Shankar’s life. Will his relationship with Anju survive or not? The answers to all these questions are found in eight episodes.

things I liked about this story

backdrop and render

Only a few directors make a movie or series in the past, so they are able to do justice to the background of the movie and its making. The director of this series has impressed me in that regard. From the props, the atmosphere, the music, the costumes, the stage and the location, it has given it a 70’s feel.


Usually web series directors are not very music conscious these days, but some songs from this series are still in my mouth. Especially the background music of the movie is amazing.


The most important feature of this series is that it does not allow the characters to be melodramatic. Amala Paul, in particular, has lived her characters with great calm. Amala has beautifully handled the body language of an actress in the 70s. Tahir recent release ‘These black black eyes’ Watch him and then watch him in this series, you will clearly see variations in his performance. Tahir Bhasin has a distinctive style of his own in body language and dialogue delivery. He is amazing, especially in emotional scenes.Amrita Puri The acting is average.


Many movies and series are fading in their climax these days. But the beauty of this series is that its climax moves me and the good thing is that the director has given this story a good closure.

Nice transition from past and present.

In the story, the same situation is shown from the perspective of two different people and it uses the transition of past and present, so this story is affecting as well as dramatic.


Mahesh Bhatt the master of G Krishnamurthy The Watchmen angle of this story is the masterstroke, until now the directors have rarely thought about this angle, so it’s completely new to the story.

things that could have been better

Background story of the life of the artists.

After watching the series, I felt that the story was from the world of cinema, so there are many of those things that are well known, even if those things were not shown, it would not have made any difference. Aside from this, Aamna is at the center of the series. But if his backstory comes in front of us. The story could have been more fun to watch. Amrita Puri There is scope for more hard work on the character.

Cast: Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amala Paul and Amrita Puri

Director: Pushparaj Bhardwaj

OTT Channel: Voot Selection

my ranking : Three stars

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