Bigg Boss 15, Nov 21, 2021 Written Updates: Shamita Shetty Returns With A Bang, Rashmi-Devoleena Takes Wildcard Entry – Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar Shamita Shetty Returns New Tmov Wildcard Entries

History highlights

  • Shamita returns home
  • Rashmi-Devoleena will accept wildcard entry

To fuel Bigg Boss 15’s TRP drop, the creators are introducing new twists. On the previous day’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, many shocking reveals were made about the show. For one thing, where Shamita Shetty returned home, the wild card contestants who came to the house were also revealed. Let us know what happened in the episode on the last day.

– Shamita’s return to the show.
Shamita Shetty is back with a bang on Bigg Boss 15. Shamita came to the house and shoved some contestants on the bench and charged them. Nishant Bhatt was Shamita’s biggest target.

– Shamita got angry with the family members.
Shamita Shetty first put Rajiv Adatia in the dock and asked family members about their target. Shamita told Vishal and Tejashwi that they had already planned to send Rajiv to jail and they took Rajiv at his words, which was wrong.

After the surgery, Sushmita Sen changed her appearance, shared the video and said: I hope you liked it.

Sana Khan married for a year, shared a beautiful photo with her husband Anas Sayyed

Mahesh Manjrekar recounted the family members’ misunderstanding.
Mahesh Manjrekar entered the show on the last day’s episode. He explained his misconceptions to family members and told them what they needed to do to move forward and solidify their place in the game.

– Three entries with jokers in the house.
Bigg Boss TRP is falling. In such a situation, to boost the TRP, the creators will bring in three new wild card contestants. Now popular TV actresses Rashmi Desai and Devoleen Bhattacharjee are ready to run their rule by making a wild card entry into the house. Alongside this, another Marathi Big Boss player will also enter the house.

– Ayush Sharma- Mahima Makwana gave the task to the family members.
On the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Aayush Sharma and actress Mahima Makwana arrived to promote their upcoming movie ‘Antim’. By coming here, both of them also gave family members a task, in which they had to say who they wanted to cut off the relationship between Neha-Prateik and Karan-Tejashwi. All members of the family voted for Neha and Prateek.

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