Up Election 2022 Updates: Lakhimpur Kheri Chunav Pre-Election Coverage, Live Chat, Discussion, Debate on Up Assembly Election 2022 With Amar Ujala – Up Election 2022 there will be questions

This largest district in Uttar Pradesh on the Indo-Nepal border is known for its historical significance. According to the Uttar Pradesh government, Lakhimpur was previously known as Lakshmipur. Lakhimpur Kheri also has a different identity in terms of tourism and adventure. Here is the Dudhwa National Park, which is the center of attraction for the whole country.

This historic and beautiful district is being vigorously discussed across the country these days. This is where the car was ridden on the farmers who were winning the rally in the past. The accusation has been directed against the son of the Union Minister, Ajay Mishra Teni. The investigation into the matter is still continuing. What are the political movements in the district now after such an incident? What do ordinary people think? What will be the problems in next year’s assembly elections? Are people happy or angry with the work of the Yogi government so far? On what issues will the BJP now come to seek votes? With all these questions, the electoral car of ‘Amar Ujala’, ‘Struggle for power’ will arrive today at Lakhimpur Kheri.

You also have a good opportunity to join this ‘Amar Ujala’ platform. Through this, you will be able to raise all the problems of your region, city, state and country. Will you be able to say what your expectations are of political leaders and parties in the next elections? What issues will you vote on and what do you want from the leaders?

When and where will the events take place?

18. M.
discuss tea
Location: Roadways Bus Stand

2. 12 noon
discussion with young people
Location: Outside of YD College

3. 2 pm
talk to half the population
Location: Awas-Vikas neighborhood park

4. 4 pm
discussions with political parties
Location: Willoughby House

So far the program in these districts
So far, this ‘Amar Ujala’ program has been carried out in eight districts of western Uttar Pradesh. The ‘power struggle’ that started in Ghaziabad has reached Shahjahanpur through Moradabad, Rampur, Amroha, Bareilly, Badaun, Pilibhit. Now the next stop is Lakhimpur Kheri.

What will be special in ‘Power Struggle’?
Amar Ujala will reach the voters of all sectors under the electoral car ‘Satta Ka Sangram’. There will be dialogue with women and young people and direct questions will be asked of political figures. Amar Ujala offers you a platform where you can present your points of view so that when political figures come to hold election rallies, they also remember the basic issues related to you.

special incentive system
Special incentives have also been organized for the audience and the audience that participates at the grassroots level in the programs related to ‘Satta Ka Sangram’.

Where can you see this special coverage?


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