Team India New Coach Rahul Dravid: Big goals, player care and new style, this is Dravid ‘sir’ plan for the future

History highlights

  • The new chapter of Team India begins
  • Rahul Dravid presented his plan

India team head coach Rahul Dravid: After the T20 World Cup, the India team is ready to go ahead with a new mission. The T20 series between India and New Zealand starts from Wednesday, but what is special is that the Indian team is ready to move on with a new coach and a new captain. Coach Rahul Dravid and T20 captain Rohit Sharma spoke openly about future plans at their press conference.

Rahul Dravid discussed the issue of time management, the mindset of the players, while Rohit Sharma discussed the role of Virat Kohli in the coming times, about making a new T20 team. What are the great messages that came out of the words of the new captain and coach?

The focus will be on workload management: Managing the workload has become the biggest challenge for players who play cricket continuously. There was also talk of the poor performance in the T20 World Cup, because the players jumped into the World Cup right after the IPL. Rahul Dravid made it clear in his press conference that this is a great challenge, but it will have to be revolved around it.

According to Rahul Dravid, as in football in a long season, players do not play every game and take some breaks in between, the same can happen in cricket. Dravid said this break will either be within the team or he will be given a series break, which will be discussed. But there will be an effort to keep players mentally and physically fit so that everyone can be fit for the game.

It will not form separate teams: Since Virat Kohli left the T20 captaincy, there has been a debate around whether a different captain, a different team model can be adopted for white ball and red ball cricket. So did other teams, including England. But Rahul Dravid made it clear that it will be difficult, because many players cannot be excluded.

Rahul Dravid said that things will balance out over time, managing the workload, things will increase even more with players who are fit, available to play in all three formats. We tell you that it was recently revealed that the ODI captaincy can also be taken away from Virat Kohli, as well as being made a captain only in Trials. However, these things were not confirmed.

Aiming for both the big and small goal: India has not won any ICC events since 2013, so the India team aims to fill this gap. Rahul Dravid also spoke about the great challenges ahead. At the press conference, Rahul Dravid said that you have to keep everything in balance, you also want to win the current match but you also have to take care of the great tournament. We have a lot of big events ahead of us in the next one or two years, so we have to plan for those things from now on. Rahul said that as a coach it is my responsibility to prepare for the future.

Let us tell you that India has to play two World Cups in the next two years, the T20 World Cup will be held in Australia in 2022. While in 2023 there will be a 50-year World Cup that will be held in India itself. In such a situation, the new coach will be expected that under his leadership, the Indian team will win the ICC trophy.

New template for T20: Captain Rohit Sharma spoke about bringing a new color to the T20 team during this time. According to Rohit, we have to correct our squad in T20, we are doing better as a team. But there are still many places where mistakes are made.

Rohit Sharma further said that many players are coming back after playing cricket in IPL and other local series, but their role in Team India changes. We have to fix their combination, so that Team India can benefit.

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