Will evicted contestant Vidhi Pandya be seen once again in Bigg Boss 15?

Very few of these contestants come to Big Boss’s house and have a good conversation with all the family members and everyone likes them. We got to see one of those contestants on Bigg Boss 15. I’m talking Vidhi pandya De. Vidhi was liked by all the contestants and they had no dispute with anyone. However, due to Big Boss’s punishment, due to his low contribution, the rest of the contestants gave him more Donal Bisht evicted.

Vidhi fans were also very angry at this eviction, but now there is good news for their fans. According to the news, Vidhi will re-enter BB 15. Yes, you read that right! If the ETimes reports are to be believed, Vidhi is in quarantine at the hotel and will soon be entering Big Boss’s house.

Interesting, right?

Along with this, it is also heard that Donal, who was evicted with the method, may also appear on the show as a wild card contestant.

Now when and how this will happen, only time will tell.


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