UP Elections: After Congress’s ’40 Percent ‘Rule, Leaders Are Making Women’s Masks! – Election of the assembly 40 percent of entries to Congress for women in UP elections Men are playing a trick ntc

History highlights

  • Application of 5-5 women in a seat.
  • Congress delivers 40% of tickets to women

Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi had announced that her party would give women candidates 40 percent of tickets. Faced with such a situation, many men who want to get tickets for Congress or other parties, are demanding tickets for Congress by sending women from their homes. The last date to apply for tickets for women was November 15 and during this time many women applied for tickets. But the men who were unable to get the ballot out of Congress are believed to have demanded tickets by forwarding the women from their home. An amount of ₹ 11,000 was also kept for this application.

Now the electoral committee is preparing for which of these women will deliver the ticket. During this it has been seen that the requests of around 4 to 5 women have come in the same mounting seat. They are being filtered. The number of women application forms entering can be measured by the fact that 4-5 women have submitted their application from the very seat of the assembly. The biggest thing that has come out of this is that there have been applications from women in the men’s house who are not receiving inputs from Congress. That is, the men are trying to contest the elections instead by getting tickets for the women in the house.

According to Congress spokesman Anshu Awasthi, this time five or five women have requested the same assembly, which will now be leaked. However, in this, priority is being given to those women who feel frustrated with society or are harassed in any way in society. Different information has also been obtained on women.


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