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The ‘Satta Ka Sangram’, the electoral car of ‘Amar Ujala’, will arrive today in Shahjahanpur through seven main districts of western Uttar Pradesh. Discussions about the politics of this small, religiously important district take place across the state. In such a situation, what do the people of Shahjahanpur think about the assembly elections this time? What will the people’s problems be? Through the ‘Satta Ke Sangram’ program, we will try to know the answers to these questions from ordinary people, women, youth and leaders.

Shahjahanpur Elections, Uttar Pradesh 2022
– Photo: Amar Ujala

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Shahjahanpur has six assembly constituencies. Of these, five seats are held by the MLA of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, while one seat has been won by the MLA of the Samajwadi Party. According to 2017 data, there are more than 20 lakh 37 thousand voters in the entire district. Of these, 12 lakh 46 thousand voters had cast their votes in the last elections. A maximum of 5.38 lakh votes were cast in favor of BJP and 3.39 lakh votes in favor of SP.

What will be the problems of the assembly elections this time in the wealthy Shahjahanpur religiously and politically? What do young people, women and workers think? What is the opinion of ordinary people on issues such as development, health, employment, women’s security, inflation?

We will try to know all this through the program ‘Satta ka Struggle’. You also have a good opportunity to join this ‘Amar Ujala’ platform. Through this, you will be able to raise all the problems of your region, city, state and country. Will you be able to say what your expectations are of political leaders and parties in the next elections? What issues will you vote on and what do you want from the leaders?

What’s so special about Shahjahanpur?

Shahjahanpur is very rich religiously. Here Rajarajeshwari Mata Temple and Karedi Mata Temple built 300 years ago is the center of the greatest faith. Shahjahanpur is also a religious place for followers of Jainism. There is a 2000 year old Parshvanath temple here. All the walls of the temple remain wet. It is believed that theft is never possible here.

When and where will the events take place?

18. M.

discuss tea

Location: Cantt Area

2. 12 noon

talk to half the population

Location: Chowk Area

3. 02 p. M.

discussion with young people

Location: Outside of SS College

4. 4 pm

discussions with political parties

Location: Shaheed Udyan

So far the program has been carried out in these seven districts.

So far, this ‘Amar Ujala’ program has been carried out in seven districts of western Uttar Pradesh. The ‘power struggle’ that started in Ghaziabad has reached Pilibhit through Moradabad, Rampur, Amroha, Bareilly and Badaun. Now the next stop will be Shahjahanpur.

What will be special in ‘Power Struggle’?

Amar Ujala will reach the voters of all sectors under the electoral car ‘Satta Ka Sangram’. There will be dialogue with women and young people and direct questions will be asked of political figures. Amar Ujala offers you a platform where you can present your points of view so that when political figures come to hold election rallies, they also remember the basic issues related to you.

special incentive system

Special incentives have also been organized for the audience and the audience that participates at the grassroots level in the programs related to ‘Satta Ka Sangram’.

Where can you see this special coverage?

  • You will get information about the place in the newspaper Amar Ujala and amarujala.com.
  • You can read the extensive land cover related to ‘Satta Ka Sangram’ in Amar Ujala newspaper.
  • In amarujala.com you can watch the programs live.
  • All programs can also be seen on Amar Ujala Digital’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.
  • The voice of the public recorded through all these programs will also be exclusively available on Amar Ujala’s “Awaaz” podcast.


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