UP: 5 Maharajganj policemen suspended for smuggling foreign peas from Nepal ntc

History highlights

  • Foreign pea smuggling case from Nepal
  • 5 Maharajganj Police Suspended

In the Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh, the SP has taken great action after police officers from the Siswa area came to light for smuggling foreign peas from Nepal. First, 12 policemen, including the Siswa outpost in charge, were put on the line. He ordered CO Nichlaul to investigate the case.

Then, after receiving the investigation report, on Tuesday evening, on the police line, SP Pradeep Gupta suspended the Siswa outpost in charge, Praveen Kumar Singh, the head of the Kothibhar police station, the Agent Chhotelal Yadav, Agent Sharad Yadav, Tufan Singh Yadav and Prithvi Singh Chauhan. The action of the SP in the criminal assembly was not limited to this only. During the crime review, the SP told Chowk Police Station Chief Amarendra Kannojia that he could not take effective action on the matter of the slaughter of cows that he is now staying here. Take the sack bed from the police station. After saying this, the SP made the line with the head of the Chowk Police Station.

The soldier opened the post by making the audio viral

An officer stationed at the Siswa police station had made the audio viral. In this, he accused the city postmaster, Praveen Kumar Singh, of having left the vehicle caught in the smuggling. In protesting in this matter, the outpost in charge had written a report against the bailiff. Enraged by this, the bailiff opened the entire post of the outpost in charge. In this case, the OC investigation was turned in, but in that the climax of the story was changed. It was reported in the investigation that the sheriff called the sheriff to catch the contraband vehicle, but he did not show up. Because of this, a report was drawn up against him. The atmosphere was still hot regarding this matter, meanwhile the audio of another conversation went viral. In this, the Diwan of the police station was allegedly demanding.

Each bag was kept at the Kothibhar Police Station.

The case of the smuggling of foreign peas from Nepal is making headlines again due to the suspension action against five policemen, including the Siswa outpost. The viral audio that led to the suspension had exposed corruption within the police department. Every sack of foreign peas smuggled from the Kothibhar police station area was being counted. Five-line foreign peas were smuggled into the police station area. The meaning of tying the line has been discussed after the alliance between the security personnel and the smugglers.

Strict DM on foreign pea smuggling

DM Satyendra Kumar is preparing for a big action in view of the large-scale smuggling of foreign peas from Nepal. For this, in addition to the income team, it is checking from SSB, Customs and Police Department. In conversation, the DM has expressed his intention regarding the smuggling case. In this, the administration will soon be able to tighten the tie to the big mafia.


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