puja banerjee kunal verma new marriage

History highlights

  • Pooja-Kunal married for the second time
  • Due to the pandemic, the marriage was registered.
  • The couple have a one-year-old son

Television actress Pooja Banerjee and actor Kunal Verma have remarried in the exotic location of Goa. After the marriage, she has shared a beautiful photo of her wedding in pink clothes. This was her second marriage in Goa, in which all the wedding rituals were carried out at full speed.

Kunal wrote – She became my queen

The combination of Pooja Banerjee with a light pink saree and Kunal Verma with a matching kurta looked perfect. Pooja shared the photo and wrote: “He remarried again. Along with this, Kunal has been tagged with the name of Patidev. At the same time, Kunal wrote: She became my queen.

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This wedding of Pooja and Kunal took place with great pomp. The actress has shared wedding videos on her Instagram story, in which Kunal came on horseback to pick up his girlfriend. At the same time, Pooja also sat on the doli. Before the wedding, they also had a Mehndi, Haldi and Cocktail party.

Register pandemic marriage

Pooja Banerjee and Kunal Verma are known to be getting married in March 2020, but Corona’s tremendous wave ruined their plan. In April, Pooja shared a retro photo of Sindoor Khela and told her that she had registered their marriage. Now they are both officially husband and wife. He had to cancel his marriage due to the pandemic.

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Well, three months after registering the wedding, she shared the news of her pregnancy. Today, Pooja and Kunal are the parents of one son. In their new marriage, the couple’s little son was also present at the rituals.


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