Patralekhaa’s wedding, Dupatta, had a ‘touching’ love message for her husband Rajkummar Rao

In an age when relationships last less than a garment, Rao rao and patralekhaa showed the world that true love still exists. After dating for 11 years, the couple finally tied the knot on November 15 in Chandigarh. Photos of their wedding have flooded social media for the past two days, but what stole my heart was the simplicity that oozes from those photos along with a ton of love.

While Patralekhaa’s lehenga was impressive, Rajkummar looked like nothing less than a prince. Her wedding look has become a style statement of its own with many potential couples drawing inspiration. But there is one more special thing about the outfit that simply melted the hearts of the couple’s fans, including me.

Patralekhaa wore a beautiful red veil on her crimson lehenga and the edge of the veil had an inscription in Bengali, which is the mother tongue of Patralekhaa. It said: “Amar poran bhora bhalobasha ami tomae shomorpon korilam.”

The English verse translates as:

“I give you my soul full of love.”

This also reminded me of the beautiful veil that Deepika padukone had used during her wedding with Ranveer Singh three years ago. That veil had the inscription “Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava” written on the border.

Patralekhaa just made that romantic evening between the two lovers even more special with these words of love written for her husband. I feel like this is a testament to their love story of over a decade that is now carved into their garment that brought them together in their sacred wedding ceremony. Weren’t we crying enough already that now we have been given more reasons to shed those happy tears?

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