Mel Gibson to direct ‘Lethal Weapon 5’ as the late franchise director Richard Donner wanted

Mel Gibson will direct ‘Lethal Weapon 5’, says the late Richard Donner wanted him to direct the film (Image credit: Wikipedia)

Actor Mel Gibson will star in and direct the fifth installment of ‘Lethal Weapon’.

Gibson, who appears as Martin Riggs in the franchise, announced his involvement in the project at an event in London, according to British newspaper The Sun after paying tribute to the filmmaker who had previously run the franchise, reports

Mel Gibson said, “The man who directed all of Lethal’s films, Richard Donner, was a big guy. (Donner) was developing the script and he got pretty far with it.” And he said to me one day: ‘Listen kid, if I kick the bucket, you will.’ And I said, ‘Shut up.’

Mel Gibson added: “But he actually passed away. But he asked me to do it and at that moment I didn’t say anything. He told his wife and the studio and the producer. So I’ll be directing the fifth. “

The film is expected to go into production sometime in 2022.

Sources said: “In addition to directing Lethal Weapon 5, Mel will be the lead.”

Riggs fans will be delighted to see him back on screen, older but not necessarily wiser. Danny Glover is expected to return and reprise his role as Roger Murtaugh. “

Mel Gibson has had several movies under his directing belt. The 65-year-old won a best director Oscar for “Braveheart,” and his other notable works include “The Passion of the Christ,” “Apocalypto,” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”

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