Kavita Krishnamurti is proud of her granddaughter’s Mahati ‘How We Feel’ music video and says, “She strives to be perfect”

Kavita Krishnamurti is proud of her granddaughter’s Mahati ‘How We Feel’ music video (Image Credit: Youtube / Bindu Subramaniam)

As her 10-year-old granddaughter Mahati Subramaniam releases her debut music video ‘How We Feel’ that shares the struggles of ‘Tween life’, lead singer Kavita Krishnamurti says she and her husband, veteran musician L. Subramaniam, feel proud of the little girl.

“We are immensely proud of Mahati. He has worked so hard to hone his skills and create such an inspiring song. She strives to be perfect at what she does, and in this video, she has performed exceptionally well. It looks splendid! “said L. Subramaniam and Kavita.

Mahati is a third generation artist, hailing from the distinguished musical family of the Subramaniams. She is the daughter of Bindu Subramaniam, an acclaimed singer-songwriter who is also a co-founder of SaPa (Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts).

Speaking of the song, Mahati said: “My song is about ‘Tween life’ and their struggles. It represents the emotions of tweens, who sometimes find it difficult to share their feelings with their loved ones. As I have sung in my song, ‘sometimes we have to be the leaders and other times the teachers’, through this song, I want to convey the message to all tweens that we often have our friends who support and help us. . deal with our problems or conflicts, however, to lead a healthy and happy life, we must first learn to be our best friends. “

In addition to being a singer, Mahati is also a composer, violinist, and pianist.

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