It’s like standing on the shoulders of giants

Gone are the days when stories only had the hero center stage, as today, I believe, we live in the age of villains and anti-heroes. Even the great ones like John Abraham and Emraan hashmi They are reportedly taking on the role of the antagonist in upcoming movies. Pathan and Tiger 3 respectively. And recently Vivek Madaan made an impeccable impression with his ‘1.5’ scenes worthy of being a part of Neeraj pandey Special OPS 1.5: Himmat’s Story, presenting Kay Kay Menon.

Neeraj explored the backstory of his main character Himmat Singh, played by Menon, from Special operations in this prequel and audiences have been raving about the series since it was released on November 12. But Vivek, who appeared as the antagonist Sankalp Chaudhary for a very brief role, also made his presence felt, and for him working alongside Menon was a great privilege.

Here’s what Vivek had to say about Kay Kay:

“To be considered for such a prestigious show with a massive fan base, by a director of the stature of Neeraj Sir in such a pivotal role, even if it was for a scene with Kay Kay Saahab, is a great privilege. It’s like being on the shoulders of giants. “

Well, we cannot disagree with Vivek, as Neeraj’s vision is truly a pleasure for me as an audience, so I could only imagine what a great honor it would be to work under his guidance for his actors. Special OPS 1.5 It’s creating a much bigger buzz than its predecessor, so I can’t wait for Neeraj to take this story forward and show us a lot more action, espionage, and the flavor of cinema he’s known for.

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