Is the culture of hustle helping or hurting us?

Hustle Culture By kristiillustra |
Culture of hustle

Keep pressing! That’s what social media is all about: Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! But is it the right way to check off your to-do list? The culture of hustle can be termed as the state of overwork with no free time. It promotes overwork as it becomes a lifestyle. Hustling is obsessed with trying hard, relentlessly, which is a good thing! But once you get it, it’s impossible to move on without a breather.

Overwork, overwork, and exertion is the new glamor! Most of the people who drum for Hustle Culture are financiers, managers, owners, never workers.

But what exactly is hustle culture?

Hustle Culture preaches that: Success = Full Time Productivity + No Free Time! But, to get results, your work ethic must be consistent and efficient, not constant. The closing of last year gave the Hustling Culture a breather before the anxiety started to kick in and you almost started feeling guilty for taking a break!

And what can you do to combat its negative effects?

With today’s work situation, pushing yourself beyond work hours, eventually sitting in front of your laptop for hours on end is the new normal. There are a few ways you can fight this culture and get out of it, this is what you can do!

1. Start with small breaks

Feeling guilty about taking a break is a very common feeling among young people, but taking a break is not wrong. To deal with the guilt of long breaks, start small! For every hour you sit in front of the laptop, take a 5 minute break to walk around the house, talk to the people around you, do what you can to break the monotony.

2. Nap time

Nap is the way to go! You need to sleep and you must get it. Try and squeeze a 15-minute power nap into your daily chore and you’ll wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and utterly productive. Take a nap on days when you feel hectic and are on a roll!

3. Stay engaged

The need to be productive is constant, and if you can’t, a looming guilt hangs over your head. To feel productive, take up a hobby! Reading, painting, exercising, cooking, going for a walk, whatever keeps you busy and makes you feel fulfilled.

4. Time management

Overwork comes from lack of time lock. To get everything done without working too hard, time lock is extremely essential. Taking on as many tasks as you can finish during the day and managing your time with them is the perfect way to strike a balance!

For the next time you see a quote with colored tiles on Instagram reading things they say,

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!”

Take a deep breath and tell yourself

“The next time I feel like giving up, I remember to rest so I don’t give up!”

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