Irony: the nurse who gave birth to 5,000 women died in her own childbirth tedu

In the Hingoli district of Maharashtra, 38-year-old nurse Jyoti died in childbirth. The health official told the agency on Tuesday that the nurse had assisted in the delivery of about 5,000 women and they died of complications after giving birth to their child.

Gopal Kadam, a resident medical officer at the Hingoli Civil Hospital, told the agency that Jyoti Gawli was stationed in the delivery room of the Hingoli Civil Hospital. See her irony that she worked until the last day of her pregnancy and then it was for her delivery. She was going to take maternity leave after giving birth. He said that Gawli was working as a nurse in the civil hospital for the past two years. Prior to this, he had worked in two other health centers for approximately three years.

He was admitted to the civil hospital on November 2 for delivery, the official said. Due to complications, he was referred to Nanded Hospital the same day. He said Gawli was later admitted to a private hospital in Nanded after he complained of double pneumonia. They put him on oxygen support.

He died Sunday, the official said. We typically make 15 deliveries a day to our medical center. Gawli would have assisted in some 5,000 deliveries in its five years of service.

Let us tell you that Jyoti Gawli, who worked as a nurse, was the favorite nurse for deliveries. But her death while giving birth has been shaken. Jyoti delivered a healthy baby by cesarean section, but her condition worsened after delivery. Jyoti’s blood didn’t take his name to stop. They took him to a hospital in Nanded but he died on the spot.

According to the agency report, on a side where doctors were doing everything they could to stop the bleeding. On the other hand, Jyoti also started having trouble breathing. Then it was decided to transfer him to a hospital in Aurangabad. However, he died in a private hospital before getting there. Jyoti used to work at Goregaon Hospital before Hingoli. Jyoti used to help women in the operating room along with normal delivery and cesarean delivery. The entire hospital, including the patients, is mourning his death.

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