Ind Vs Nz: ‘Players are not machines …’, will the team be different for each format? Dravid-Rohit told the plan: India vs New Zealand team India coach rahul dravid captain rohit Sharma plan machine tspo

History highlights

  • T20 series between India and New Zealand starting Wednesday
  • Rahul Dravid, Rohit Sharma speak to the media

Ind Vs Nz, Rahul Dravid, Rohit Sharma: After a poor performance in the T20 World Cup, the Indian team is about to start a new chapter. India’s new team coach Rahul Dravid and new T20 captain Rohit Sharma addressed the press conference on Tuesday. On what formula the Indian cricket team will work on in the future, the coach-captain kept his own plan. Rahul Dravid said that managing workload is a big challenge, which is our job to tackle.

‘The machine is not a player’

Coach Rahul Dravid said that workload management has now become part of cricket, it has become something akin to soccer, where players don’t play every game in a long season. Rahul said that how it will be managed will be decided more by resting within the team or in the series.

On this issue, Rohit Sharma said that players are not machines to come and play games continuously, players need to rest in order to play fresh.

Captain Rohit Sharma said at the press conference that we have to correct the way we played in T20. We may not have played an ICC tournament for a long time, but we have done well as a team. There is still a need to eliminate many deficiencies in the equipment, it happens in all equipment. Rohit Sharma said that we don’t want to work like any other team, but rather we want to make our own way on our team.

T20 captain Rohit Sharma said that the coming players play different roles, in such a situation their role in Team India may be different. So we have to prepare him for the Indian team, because that’s what matters. It may take some time, it can happen even after a few matches. But we are ready.

Will the team be different in all formats?

There is talk of a different type of team in each format, which Rahul Dravid flatly refused. Rahul Dravid said that there are some players who play in all formats and you want to. In such a situation, we are not considering different teams at all.

Rahul Dravid said that the mental and physical things of all players must be taken into account because we are living in difficult times. Only then can the players be fully prepared for the game. This may take some time.

New coach Dravid said that it may also happen that all players will not play the entire series, but this will create opportunities for new players. Yes, we are not working in separate teams. Significantly, the three-game T20 series between India and New Zealand begins from Wednesday. This is Rahul Dravid’s first assignment as a coach.

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