Incident similar to Delhi-Lucknow, woman hits taxi driver on middle road – Delhi Viral video of woman hitting taxi driver Police investigate NTC matter

History highlights

  • West Patel Nagar Case of Delhi
  • A week ago, the girl fiercely beat the taxi driver.

Viral video from Delhi: A video of a woman beating a taxi driver on the central street of the capital Delhi is going viral. In this video, in West Patel Nagar, a woman holds the neck, slaps and hits the taxi driver. Earlier this year, also in Lucknow, a similar video went viral, in which a woman slapped the taxi driver. Later in this case, measures were also taken against this woman.

In this case, the police say that after receiving a complaint from the taxi driver, a case against the woman will be registered. However, the police are trying to track down the woman seen in the video based on her scooty number. This video is said to be a week old. The taxi driver is a resident of Faridabad.

Lucknow: FIR against girl who slapped a taxi driver in the middle of the road

The driver of the intermediate track was beaten, after the FIR, the girl said: I have heart, kidney and brain problems.

According to the information, the 2 minute one second video is going viral on social media. In which a woman dressed in a blue T-shirt and a mask in her mouth holds the taxi driver’s neck in the middle of the road. While many people are standing around and another woman is standing with the partner. Meanwhile, in the video, many people are also heard blaming the woman.

The Block-22 incident at Kasturi Lal Anand Marg in West Patel Nagar is recounted. The woman was skateboarding with another girl, because of the crowd on the road, the taxi also got stuck there. When the taxi driver did not give the woman space, then, angrily, the woman parked her scooter on the same road.

While abusing, he began to beat the taxi driver out of the cabin. During this, when people protested against this, she began to abuse the people around her and threatened to kill them by abusing them. In the video, she is seen grabbing the taxi driver’s shirt and slapping him while the taxi driver is not doing any indecency with her in return. While others present were seen making a video of the incident.

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