Govinda is back with a new video advice on the song paani barsa fans say the king of dance watch the video here

Publication date: | Tuesday, November 16, 2021 02:21 pm (IST)

90s super hit actor Govinda is back once again. He has created a music video. For many years none of his films have been released, but through the songs he has tried to find a place again in the hearts of the audience. The name of Govinda’s new song is ‘Tip Tip Pani Barsa’. Which has been released on the Govind Royals channel on YouTube. The song has been sung by the actor himself.

looks old style

Govind is famous for his hook steps. Tip Tip has also been seen in Pani Barsa with the same style. He himself has written and sung the lyrics of the song. His music is by Nitesh Ramchandra. The director and producer of the video is also Govinda. Sonia Kashyap is the female lead of the song.

video shared on social media

Govind has shared the video for the song on Instagram. The caption read: ‘Hi guys, I’ve come with my new track Ang Tera Tarsa To Tip Tip Pani Barsa.’ As of the time of writing this video, this video had garnered 175,374 views.

Fans keep showing love

His fans really like Govinda’s new dance video. Expressing your love by commenting on the post. One user wrote that The King of Bollywood Dance. Another commented, all the actors are arranged in front of Mr. Govinda. At the same time, many users have also posted a heart emoji.

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