For Badminton: Two explosions occurred 100 meters from Indian Para Shuttler’s hotel, all players safe

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Updated Tue, Nov 16, 2021 09:11 PM IST


Three locals were killed in the explosion. This has caused panic in Kampala. After this there was an atmosphere of chaos.

Pramod Bhagat
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Two explosions occurred near the hotel of the Indian contingent that was to participate in the Uganda Para Badminton International. However, there is no harm for Indian players and all players are safe. The Indian paratrooper was staying at a hotel in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. On Tuesday there were two explosions 100 meters from the same hotel.

Three people died in this explosion. This has caused panic in Kampala. After this there was an atmosphere of chaos. The head coach of the Indian badminton team, Gaurav Khanna, said the blast took place at a distance of 100 meters and that there was no threat to the team. Some players were going to the badminton hall at that time. However, the explosion caused panic and the players returned to their rooms. We have spoken with the Indian Embassy and there is nothing to worry about.

Gaurav said this will not affect the tournament or the team’s schedule. Our team is huge. It consists of 54 players. Everyone is excited to play the tournament. According to local police, it was a well-planned conspiracy. This was done by the fundamentalists. Three suicide bombers died in this explosion.

Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist Pramod Bhagat has also come to play in this tournament. Bhagat told the news agency that we are safe. There were explosions, but there is nothing to worry about. Our hours will be according to the schedule. We don’t feel the explosion. It was uncomfortable, but now everything is normal. 15 players are staying in a hotel. At the same time, 15-20 players were in another hotel. Everyone is safe.

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