Dakota Johnson says Alfred Hitchcock ruined her grandmother Tippi Hedren’s career because “she didn’t want to sleep with him.”

Dakota Johnson talks about Alfred Hitchcock and the role he played in ruining Tippi Hedren’s career (Image credit: Facebook / Tippi Hedren, Wikipedia)

Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson has always been in the news not only for her hit movies, but for her overall outspoken attitude. The actress recently spoke about her grandmother Tippi Hedren’s trip to Hollywood and the effect it had on her career. She mentioned that director Alfred Hitchcock was the one who ruined her grandmother’s career because she didn’t agree to everything he asked for.

For the non-versed, Dakota is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, who have been an important part of the film industry in the past. Her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, a former fashion model and actress, was quite active in film in the 1960s. She is best known for her work on Marnie and The Birds, which was also directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In Tippi’s memoir, which was released in 2016, the actor explained how Hitchcock sexually abused her more than once.

Dakota Johnson appeared on The Hollywood Reporter’s Award Chatter podcast saying, “Alfred Hitchcock ruined her (Hedren) career because she didn’t want to sleep with him, and he terrified her and never took responsibility.”

She delved into the subject, adding: “It is completely unacceptable for people in a position of power to exercise that power over someone in a weaker position, regardless of the industry.”

Dakota was also asked if Tippi’s unpleasant experience in the film industry had any impact on her career. The actor clarified that his grandmother was a very encouraging and headstrong person and that there were no restrictions on her part. The actor said: “She was encouraging. She has always been very honest and firm in defending herself. That’s what she did. “

Dakota Johnson recently made the news when she was spotted shopping for groceries with her boyfriend Chris Martins. The two have been together since 2017, but have mostly kept their relationship out of the spotlight.

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