After leaving Bigg Boss 15, Rakesh Bapat wrote a special note for his fans

a few days ago in biggboss 15 Rakesh bapat There was a wild card entry. Not only were his fans happy with his entrance, but there is another person in Big Boss’s house who was very happy with Rakesh’s arrival. I’m talking Shamita shetty De. The smile on Shamita’s face was worth it when Rakesh arrived. However, this happiness of the fans and Shamita did not last long, as Rakesh had to move out of the house due to health problems.

When Rakesh left the house, it was said that he would return after recovering. However, on Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan clarified that he has decided to rest and will not be returning to BB 15. After this news, both fans and Shamita were very sad and wanted to know what Rakesh had to say. And now Rakesh wrote a special note for his fans.

Rakesh called his fans his family and wrote that he had returned to the Big Boss house for his fans only, but the health problem from 5 years ago returned, so he had to leave. With this, Rakesh said that he is on the mend. Along with this, he also thanked Shamita and her partner for giving love and said that if the health issue had not come up, they would have been entertaining everyone in the house.

This is what Rakesh said:

So did you read?

We would like to tell Rakesh that

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