ABOVE: Uproar on PM Modi’s program, women raised slogans, also showed black flag – prime minister narendra modi purvanchal express way rally ruckus women slogans ntc

History highlights

  • SP’s Rita Yadav Raised Anti-Modi-Yogi Slogans on Prime Minister’s Show
  • Security personnel snatched the black flag, detained the riotous Rita

Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the Purvanchal Highway in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. The police-administration had made elaborate security arrangements for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program. Despite elaborate police-administration arrangements, one woman created an uproar on the show and displayed black flags.

It happened that a woman was sitting in front of Prime Minister Modi’s public meeting. As soon as PM Modi started directing, the woman in the front row suddenly stood up and came to the gallery. The woman tried to show the black flag to Prime Minister Modi and also raised slogans against Modi-Yogi. Upon seeing the woman who arrived at the gallery, security personnel immediately ran towards her.

Woman created buzz on PM show

Security personnel snatched the black flag from the woman’s hand, detained her, and removed her from the public gathering place. The detained woman is said to be Rita Yadav from the Samajwadi Party (SP). Rita Yadav had somehow gotten onto Prime Minister Modi’s program by dodging security personnel. There was an uproar at the scene after Rita Yadav raised slogans and tried to display the black flag.

When people started to leave the place, there was chaos. Security personnel stationed at the scene somehow handled the situation and somehow rescued the women trapped in the crowd by supporting them. Dozens of chairs were also broken due to the chaos in the place. It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Purvanchal Highway in a program organized in Sultanpur.


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