World Cup T20: Unique tradition of drinking beer with shoes, why did the kangaroos celebrate victory in this way? – Australian cricketers drink beer in shoe after winning T20 World Cup tlif

History highlights

  • Australia created history in the T20 World Cup
  • World champions celebrate victory in a unique way

Australia won the first T20 World Cup thanks to the brilliant batting of Mitchell Marsh and the successful bowling of Josh Hazlewood. In the final match played on Sunday, Australia made history by defeating New Zealand by 8 wickets. The joy of becoming world champion was clearly visible on the faces of all the players. Meanwhile, a video of the kangaroo dressing room is going quite viral on social media. In this one, the team’s players are seen drinking beer filled with shoes.

Stormy hitter Matthew Wade and off-roader Marcus Stoinis, who shattered Pakistan’s hopes in the semi-finals, were seen sipping beer filled with shoes. The fans themselves are also surprised to see such a celebration of the world winners. However, you may be surprised to learn that the tradition of celebrating by drinking beer with shoes is quite popular in Australia.

Why do champions drink beer with shoes?
In Australia, this tradition of drinking beer with shoes is called Shoey. This type of celebration is very common at live music concerts and sporting events. Australian Formula One star Daniel Ricciardo laid the foundation for this unique tradition at the 2016 German Grand Prix. But in Australia, not just the players, but many great artists as well, are expressing their happiness on the same stage.

However, this method of celebrating victory has started to spread to other countries as well. Recently, British racing driver Louis Hamilton held the ‘Emelia Romagna Grand Prix’ podium ceremony by drinking beer in similar shoes.

Many artists do not like this custom either. Georgia Mouloney, a 21-year-old concert photographer from Sydney, says she hears the word ‘shoey’ during one out of every five takes. Sometimes it sounds strange to hear, especially when an international artist is present on stage. It also takes a long time to do this during the show. Georgia says it is the only country in the world where artists are asked to drink beer with shoes.

Tired of drinking beer with shoes?
In such a situation, it is also important to know that drinking beer full of shoes can be harmful to the body. On this, Monash University infectious disease expert Anton Peleg from Melbourne says: ‘Probably not! The chances of getting an infection from drinking beer with a healthy person’s shoes or clean feet are very less. Although the experts themselves believe that drinking beer by the glass is a better option than smelly shoes.

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