Woman set world record for most apples squashed with biceps tstk

History highlights

  • Woman crushes 10 apples with biceps
  • World record achieved by doing this feat in just one minute

A woman has set a world record for smashing the most apples with her biceps. After this work, the woman’s name has been recorded in the Guinness World Records (GWR). Guinness World Records shared a video of a woman crushing an apple on Instagram.

A woman named Lynsey Lindbergh has made this unique record. The video clip shows how the woman made this record by crushing more and more apples with her biceps in just one minute.

Sharing the video, GWR wrote: “Linsey Lindbergh AKA Mama Lou breaks a record by crushing 10 apples with biceps in one minute.”

After the video was shared, thousands of people liked it, while hundreds of people commented and congratulated the woman on this and encouraged her.

In the same GWR post, one user wrote: “Linsey is a strong Kansas born woman aka“ Mama Lou. ”She also holds the record for breaking 5 decks of cards in one minute.

This video, shared about 10 hours ago, has more than 40 thousand likes. People are really liking this video. Different kinds of comments are coming in on this as well.

One Instagram user wrote in the video: “When I grow up, I want to be like her!” Another person wrote: “Very impressive image”.

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