When the American envoy apologized to Shah Rukh Khan, “his work inspires millions, including in America.”

When Shah Rukh Khan thanked in response to the US detention apology: “I respect protocol and do not expect to be above it” (Image credit: Wikipedia)

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most successful stars in the Hindi film industry. The Bollywood star has a huge following around the world. The superstar is loved by many, but not so much at the US airport He has faced arrest at the airport three times so far.

In 2016, King Khan spoke about the US airport arrest on Twitter and the US envoy also apologized to him. Expressing his exasperation, he wrote: “I fully understand and respect safety with the way the world is, but getting detained at US immigration. Every damn time really sucks.”

However, Shah Rukh Khan also spoke about the positive side of the arrest with his trademark sense of humor. He wrote: “The silver lining is that while he was waiting he caught some really nice Pokémon.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s exasperated tweet caught the attention of US State Department official Nisha Biswal and US envoy to India Richard Verma. The ambassador tweeted: “Sorry about the problems at LAX @iamsrk. We are working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. His work inspires millions, including in the United States. “

In response, SRK also tweeted: “No problem sir, respect the protocol and don’t expect 2b above it. It is a bit inconvenient. Thank you for your concern “.

Nisha Biswal, who is the deputy secretary for South and Central Asian affairs, had also tweeted Khan saying she “regretted the inconvenience,” but added that even US diplomats “are required to carry out additional checks.”

The reasons why Shah Rukh Khan had problems with US immigration and airport authorities were not clear to Indian officials. The United States has several watch lists.

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