Tulsi Vivah 2021: Make Tulsi Vivah at this auspicious time, all your wishes will be fulfilled

History highlights

  • Tulsi Vivah organized today
  • Make the Tulsi marriage in auspicious time
  • wishes will come true

Tulsi Vivah 2021: Dev Uthani Ekadashi Ekadashi is celebrated on the Ekadashi date of the Kartik month Shukla Paksha. The marriage of Tulsi and Shaligram in the form of Lord Vishnu (Tulsi Vivah 2021) also takes place on this day. It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu wakes up after a long sleep of four months and with this all auspicious times are opened.

Tulsi Vivah Shubh Muhurt Chaturmas end on Devuthani Ekadashi day. After this Tulsi-Shaligram marriage is organized. Tulsi Vivah will be organized today, that is, November 15. Today the Tulsi marriage can take place from 1:02 p.m. to 2:44 p.m. Apart from this, the Tulsi Vivah evening Muhurta is from 5:17 to 5:41.

Tulsi Vivah (Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi) Worship Method – Establish a Tulsi plant in one position and Shaligram in the other position. Place an urn filled with water next to them and place five mango leaves on top. Put ocher in a pot of basil and light a ghee lamp. Sprinkle Gangajal over Tulsi and Shaligram and apply roli, sandalwood vaccine. Make a sugar cane pavilion in a Tulsi pot. Now cover Tulsi with a red chunri symbolizing honey. Wrap the pot in a sari, offer a bracelet, and decorate it like a bride. After this, Tulsi circumambulates seven times taking Shaligram together with the pole in hand. After that, do aarti. After the completion of the Tulsi marriage, distribute prasad to all the people.

Meaning of Tulsi Vivah Organizing Tulsi Vivah is considered very auspicious. It is believed that on this day, the person who marries Tulsi to Shaligram, the form of Lord Vishnu, gets rid of all the troubles in his life and Lord Hari has special blessings upon him. Tulsi marriage is considered a virtuous act as much as kanyadan. Those who celebrate the Tulsi marriage are said to obtain marital happiness.


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