The US ambassador to Nepal celebrates Diwali and Chhath got an om tattoo on his hand ntc

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In Nepal, diplomats from the great country are usually embroiled in controversies. Sometimes about his statements or sometimes about his political meetings. But at this time, the US ambassador to Nepal, during his tenure so far, has not been in controversy over his statement nor has he ever been involved in controversy over political meetings. It is often still the subject of discussion for its small but important messages.

US Ambassadors Celebrate All Festivals

Since the United States Ambassador to Nepal, Randy Berry, took office, he not only completes the formalities by giving greetings at every festival held in Nepal, but he celebrates those festivals himself. He also shares those moments with all his employees at the embassy and on Twitter and Facebook. For this reason, this style of his is very much liked by ordinary Nepalese citizens.

Last month, Dussehra, Diwali, Chhath Puja was celebrated in Nepal and the whole country becomes festive at this time. Everyone celebrates these festivals with reverence and devotion with their families. Being a Hindu nation by nature, there is an atmosphere of joy and excitement throughout Nepal. But when a foreigner celebrates our festival, surely that person receives a special respect and place before our eyes.

participated in chhath puja

The United States Ambassador to Nepal, Barry, celebrates each festival in Nepal with great heart and shares his happiness on social media. On the occasion of Dussehra, he takes the vaccine like an ordinary Nepalese citizen, then on Diwali he decorates his embassy and residence with Rangoli, lights a lamp at night. They also celebrate Bhaiya Dooj and participate in the famous Kumari Puja of Nepal. This time, the United States Ambassador, Randy Barry, went to Janakpur and also worshiped at Chhath Ghat. Like Chhath Vratis, taking soup and dagri in hand, placing fruit and sweets in it and offering Arghya to the sun.

tattoo done on the arm

Recently, the US ambassador visited Rara Tal, a very beautiful tourist place in Nepal. Most of the foreign tourists do not know this place. Seeing the possibility of tourism in Rara Tal, he went on a tour with the Australian Ambassador. At the same time, he got an Om tattoo on his right arm.

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