The bank clerk spent 9 million rupees from the clients account, it was revealed that they got to jail! – Bank employee caught in customer account fraud Withdraw 9 crore rs tstf

History highlights

  • two bank employees came to jail
  • The clients account was tampered with.

Two bank employees were sentenced to prison for defrauding customers. British Gerald Francis Sarpong and Mohammad Mehboob Uddin misappropriated Rs 9 million from clients. They had seized millions of rupees by taking the customer’s account details. Both have been jailed in this fraud case. Let’s get to know the whole thing …

According to ‘Mirror UK’, Gerald and Mohamed were caught in a 900,000 pound (8.99 crore) fraud after a search of the bank’s desk. He did this fraud in 2018. Gerald was arrested in July of the same year. The digital devices were found by agents during a search of his desk in Birmingham. He had sent the client’s account details to Mohammad from his mobile.

Police then arrested Mohammed at his home in Bethnal Green, London, on July 17, 2018, after obtaining a search warrant and confiscating his digital devices and documents. This fraud was detected by the bank itself.

sentenced to both

The investigation was subsequently turned over to the DCPCU department, which investigates criminals responsible for fraud in the banking and finance department. After a lengthy investigation, on November 5, 2021, Gerald was sentenced to five years and Mohamed to six years. Along with this, the court also ordered the return of money for the loss caused to customers.

Police say the two used mobile phones to send each other the client’s account details. They thought they could prevent fraudulent activities in the workplace because employees are trusted there.

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