Sylvester Stallone hopes to repair Rocky IV with a director’s cut, says “I thought I could do a lot better”

Sylvester Stallone Opens Up About The Director’s Cut Of Rocky IV (Image Credit: Instagram / Seresalmankhan)

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone has released a director’s cut of ‘Rocky IV’ because he wanted to ‘fix’ the movie.

Stallone, who directed, wrote and played the title character Rocky Balboa in the original 1985 film, used some of his time in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic quarantine to reassess his filmography, believing he “could do much better” with the boxing movie, he reports.

Speaking at a screening of Rocky IV: Rocky Vs. Drago – The Ultimate Director’s Cut ‘, he told Entertainment Tonight: “With Covid, I was about a year old. And I thought, if there are any movies that I would like to repair, and there are some that cannot be repaired, I thought I could do a lot better in Rocky IV. “

The original theatrical release, which came out nearly 36 years ago, lasted 92 minutes.

According to Polygon, Stallone added 42 minutes to the new director’s cut, but the total runtime is 93 minutes, so roughly half the movie is believed to be different.

The Rambo star explained, “I realized that I had a lot of images that I never used! I looked at it and thought, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ”.

He attributed the change in “perspective” as part of aging.

The ‘Demolition Man’ star said: “It’s funny how you grow up and live long enough to change your perspective.”

Stallone announced the new version ‘Rocky IV’ in August 2020.

Taking to Instagram, he said, “For Rocky 4’s 35th anniversary I’m going to get a new DIRECTORS cut for me. So far it looks great. Heartwarming … Thank you MGM for this opportunity to entertain. “

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