– strange incident young man came to hospital to meet his sister in law marrying sister in law sister uproar jamshedpur tsts

History highlights

  • At the hospital, the young man insisted on marrying his sister-in-law’s sister
  • He had brought mangalsutra and vermilion to the hospital.
  • The sister-in-law was admitted to the hospital for delivery.

The young man, who came to meet his sister-in-law admitted to a government hospital in Jharkhand, insisted on marrying the sister of the sister-in-law present there and climbed on the roof of the hospital with mangalsutra and vermilion in his hands. When the boy began threatening suicide if he did not marry, there was chaos throughout the hospital.

There was an uproar at Kolhan’s largest public hospital, MGM Hospital, when a boy climbed onto the roof of the hospital and insisted on marrying his brother’s sister-in-law. However, after much effort, the soldiers stationed at the hospital and the young man’s relatives shot him down.

The young man is said to be a resident of Satbohni in Gamharia. His brother’s wife, that is, the young man’s sister-in-law, has been admitted to the MGM Hospital after the labor pains, where the young man along with his mother also came to see him.

The brother’s insistence on marrying his sister-in-law

During this, the young man climbed onto the roof of the hospital and was determined to marry his brother’s sister-in-law. Even the young man had brought mangalsutra and vermilion.

However, after hard work, the young man was shot down. By the way, for a while the soldiers, the young man’s relatives and the people present at the hospital were shocked for a while.


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