Selena Gomez’s Chai Color Is Winning Over Netizens’ Hearts And Chef Padma Lakshmi’s Shade Is Giving Them ‘Sick Feels’

Selena Gomez’s Chai color wins the hearts of netizens and chef Padma Lakshmi’s shadow is giving them ‘Sick Feels’ – See (Photo Credit – Instagram; Still Image)

It’s fun when Hollywood celebrities try to make Indian cuisine. Selena Gomez made ‘Indian Chai’ on her cooking show ‘Selena + Chef season 3’ with the guidance of American Indian author and model Padma Lakshmi and has made selectors go wild. The singer made it on the first try.

The video is really cute and Selena can also be seen struggling to pronounce the cardamom called ‘elaichi’ in Hindi, which is an important part of chai.

A fan shared the video of Selena Gomez doing Indian chai on YouTube and she has all kinds of reactions. The singer was guided by the famous author Padma Lakshmi. In fact, fans criticized Padma for her shawl as it didn’t match the standard shawl color and said that Selena’s shawl was better than hers.

Check out Selena Gomez’s video here:

Selena Gomez making Indian chai got us all excited because the singer literally nailed the recipe on the first try. The moment he took the first sip along with his friends, they said, “Oh that’s so good.”

A Selenator in the comment section wrote: “The color of Sel’s tea was actually the way we Indians drank our tea.” Another fan commented: “Fun fact: Selena was the one who taught Padma how to make chai, ohhh God, and that color was perfect.” A third fan commented, “I love how Selena’s chai looked so tasty and had the color CHAI, but the color of the chef’s tea gave me a sick feeling.”

Selena Gomez also made coconut rice and shrimp curry in the episode and she loved it. The singer along with her friends did not tire of Indian food and to add value to the food, they ate rice with their hands and not with spoons. How nice that was!

Tell us if you loved Selena making Indian chai on her show. Let us know in the comments below.

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