Sapna Chaudhary Husband Veer Sahu Sawa Sher Horse Exercise Video Sapna shared Instagram Viral lbsm

History highlights

  • Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Choudhary new video
  • Sapna’s husband is seen with ‘a lion and a half’

Haryanvi’s dancer Sapna Chaudhary is very active on social media. Each video of her dance gets millions of views, while the photos are pretty viral too. Meanwhile, Sapna Chaudhary has shared a video on Instagram (Sapna Chaudhary Veer Sahu Video) with her husband Veer Sahu, in which Sapna’s husband, Veer Sahu, and their horse are visible.

Sapna is seen with her husband Veer Sahu on a farm in the morning. In the video, Sapna is seen asking her husband what are you doing? In response to what husband Veer says, “It’s time to learn the fourth lion … I’m exercising.” Sapna asks whose? Half a lion or are you exercising? On this, Veer replies that both are happening. After this, Veer Sahu is seen saying Beautiful Morning.

The Haryanvi dancer wrote the caption for the video post, “Yeh Khet, Yeh Sand, Yeh Nazare and Hum.” He also used hashtags like- #lifequotes #lifestyle #positivevibes #thankgodforeverything.

So far, more than two billion views have been received on this video from Sapna Chaudhary. This video has become quite viral on social media. People are making different kinds of comments on this Sapna video. Some are commenting on this with fire emojis, while others have commented on heart emojis.

Previously, another video of Sapna Chaudhary went viral on Instagram, in which she is seen without makeup. In the video, Sapna Chaudhary is also seen making a gesture. She is pointing back with her fingers. The Haryanvi dancer has also given a special kind of caption with this video. He wrote: “Have a little patience my friend, both Tehelka and Mauj will have fun.”

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