Price of gold and silver today: the price of gold and silver increased once again, know what the price is today

History highlights

  • Gold and Silver Prices Rise Again
  • 999 purity gold was Rs 49163 per ten grams

Gold and Silver Price, Latest Updates Today Nov 15, 2021 – There has been a change in gold and silver prices again on Monday. On the Indian bullion market, the price of ten grams of gold has reached Rs 49,163. Apart from this, there has also been a jump in the price of one kg of silver and it has risen to Rs 66488. There has been an increase in the prices of both gold and silver compared to Friday.

Today’s latest gold and silver rates

Speaking of the latest gold and silver rates today, the 999 purity gold is 49163 rupees, the 995 rupee gold 48966, the 916 rupee 45033 purity gold, the 750 36872 purity gold, the 585 purity gold is available for 28,760 rupees. At the same time, one kg of silver with a purity of 999 is sold for 66,488 rupees.

Price of gold and silver today

How much have gold and silver prices changed since Friday?

The price of gold and silver (Sone-Chandi Ke Daam) is changed twice a day. The price of gold published on Friday night has risen from the price of gold published this morning. Ten grams of gold of 999 purity has increased by 160 rupees. Gold with a purity of 995 has become more expensive by 159 rupees, while gold with a purity of 916 has become more expensive by 146 rupees. At the same time, ten grams of Rs 750 gold increased by Rs 120 to Rs 36872. Speaking of 585 purity gold, there has been an increase of Rs 93 compared to last Friday. The price of one kg of silver has increased by 203 rupees more.

Gold and silver rate today: Gold and silver rate today

Precision Price Friday night Monday morning price
Gold (for 10 grams) 999 49003 49163
Gold (for 10 grams) 995 48807 48966
Gold (for 10 grams) 916 44887 45033
Gold (for 10 grams) 750 36752 36872
Gold (for 10 grams) 585 28667 28760
Silver (per 1 kg) 999 66285 66488

Learn about gold rates with a single call

Rates are not issued by ibja on Saturdays and Sundays, except for public holidays declared by the central government. You can give a missed call to 8955664433 to find out the retail price of 22 karat and 18 karat gold jewelry. Rates will be received in a short time via SMS. Apart from this, you can visit or for information on frequent updates.

Learn This Important Information About Gold

Identifying jewels is very easy but also a bit difficult. There are actually five types of marks associated with the stamp. If there are 22 karat jewelry, then it is written 916, 875 for 21 karat jewelry and 750 for 18 karat jewelry. Other than this, if the gem is 14 karat then 585 will be written on it. This way you can easily identify yourself on the gold.

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