‘Our unconditional love rises above all,’ Deanne Panday on Alanna Panday’s engagement

Bollywood is clearly in love and is totally luring the wedding season. Several celebrities seem to be in the mood to get married and the last one who has come at least half that way is Chikki panday and Deanne pandayAlanna Panday’s daughter. The model and internet sensation surprised us with very romantic engagement photos with her boyfriend Ivor McCray first from a beautiful beach in the Maldives and then after an Indian ceremony with close family and friends before heading to Los Angeles.

After the engagement on the beach, Alanna and Ivor had an official Indian-style engagement ceremony attended by only a few family members and friends. While mother Deanne and brother Ahaan panday were obviously present, Bollywood stars like Lara dutiesta and Bipasha Basu He also made sure to personally shower his blessings on future boyfriends. Alanna looked gorgeous in a gray set embroidered with a nice necklace while Ivor enchanted everyone in a white sherwani.

See some exclusive images from the ceremony:

Daughter’s engagement or marriage is a great day for any parent, and so when Deanne was asked about her feelings, she shared an emotional message for her daughter.

She wrote:

How quickly my sweet girl has become a strong and intelligent woman. It seems that yesterday I sang you to sleep with lullabies and combed your beautiful hair. Sure we’ve had our little fights, but the moments of tears have only brought us closer, not just as mother and daughter, but as two women. You know that I always want the best for you, and that I always act out of love, however painful it may be at times. I want to tell you that I am very proud of the person you have become and very excited to see the life that you will continue to lead with poise and determination. While some things may be uncertain right now, I know deep down that you are destined to accomplish anything, big or small, that you put your amazing mind on. I can’t wait to be there for you every step of the way, showing you my love in the midst of life’s challenges and celebrations, as you continue to grow into the brilliant soul that you are.

Speaking about her bond with Alanna exclusively with MissMalini, Deanne said:

The bond between mother and daughter is forever. Our bond persists through thick and thin. We are biologically connected through all of this, but the real connection is spiritual and made of love. The flow of energy between mother and daughter is among the most powerful in nature. We stand for each other, and at the end of the day, our unconditional love rises above it all.

After the little engagement, Deanne shared a few more photos of the bride saying that he already missed her as she was heading back to Los Angeles according to plan.

Here’s his post:

In fact, this must be a very emotional time for Deanne, as it would be for any mother whose daughter is newly engaged. We send best wishes to Alanna, Ivor, and Panday, as well as the McCray families. God bless you!


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