Nisha murder case: Pawan had recovered 8 lakhs, was the real reason for the murder blackmail or sexual abuse? – Fighter murder case Blackmail or sexual abuse know the real reason behind the murder of fighter Nisha dahiya ntc

History highlights

  • The investigation continues in the murder case of Nisha Dahiya
  • Mother accused of sexually abusing Nisha

The famous murder case of Sonipat fighter Nisha Dahiya, Haryana runs deeper and deeper. So far, it has come to light in the police investigation that the accused coach Pawan had recovered eight lakh rupees from the family of the late Nisha on the coach’s behalf. The deceased’s father alleges that Pawan brainwashed Nisha and taken her money. At the same time, Nisha’s mother has said in the statement given to the police that the defendant used to abuse her daughter. The police are also raising the issue of sexual abuse. But the presence of the defendant Pawan’s wife, Sujata, and her brother-in-law Amit at the scene, points to another big secret related to the crime.

Pawan’s wife and brother-in-law also accused

The police have also made these two defendants in the case. If the sources are to be believed, when Nisha was present at the Pawan academy on the day of the incident, he called his wife and brother there. When Nisha saw Pawan’s wife Sujata and her brother there, she also called her brother Suraj there. Seeing the attitude of Suraj, Pawan and others, he got scared and called his mother. According to the police, Pawan’s friend Sachin was also present at the scene, who has a criminal record. There are already two cases registered against him under the Arms Act. It is clear from this that Pawan wanted to push Nisha out of his way for some reason. He had already prepared for that and had also called his friend there.

Three bullets fired at Nisha

According to the police, the defendant Pawan fired three bullets one by one at Nisha in front of everyone and piled her there. When Nisha’s mother and brother fled the scene for their lives, the accused pursued them and also opened fire on them. After all, why did the defendant Pawan want to push Nisha out of his way? Was Nisha’s family pressuring the defendant to return 8 lakh rupees? Was there something between Nisha and the defendant Pawan? Today, all of these things are a secret from which the curtain has not yet been removed.

The questioning of the accused continues

Nisha’s father has told the police that the defendant Pawan had brainwashed his daughter, so she began to insist on getting money. Mother Dhanpati was also saddened by this behavior of the daughter. The true secret of this crime has yet to be revealed. Currently, the police are strictly interrogating the detained defendants. Police say the real reason for this heinous murder will soon be revealed.

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