Newly elected chief going to Panchayat in Arrah, Bihar shot dead, criminals arrived by ambulance – bihar bhojpur murder of mukhia sanjay singh ambulance police postmortem ntc

History highlights

  • The ambulance rider wrongdoers committed the crime
  • Fear of murder in political dispute

On Monday, armed criminals shot dead the newly elected chief in the Ara district of Bihar. After obtaining information about the incident, the police from the Charpokhari Police Station arrived at the scene, took the body of the deceased and sent it for an autopsy. A political controversy is feared behind the assassination of the newly elected chief.

According to the information, Sanjay Singh, head of Babu Dam Panchayat of the Charpokhari bloc, was going to make a panchayat in Dhengwa, a panchayat village with his bullet on the afternoon of November 15. Meanwhile, the criminals in the ambulance chased and hit Sanjay Singh’s bullet near the village of Bhaluana in the area of ​​the Charpokhari police station, causing him to fall.

When Sanjay Singh fell, the criminals threw fire. Sanjay Singh was killed instantly by the bullets of the criminals. After committing the crime, the criminals managed to escape comfortably, leaving the ambulance at the scene. After obtaining information about the incident, the police arrived at the scene, took Sanjay Singh’s body in possession and sent it for an autopsy.

Police have started investigating the incident. Sanjay Singh is said to have been re-elected head of Babu Bandh Panchayat in the recent Panchayat elections. The chief’s relatives have reported homicide in a political dispute.

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