Lara Dutta, Prateik Babbar and Shinnova’s quirky drama is a breath of fresh air

We saw the lovely Rao rao presenting the characters of Hiccups and connections, a daring and edgy family drama, last week with a unique video and a quirky warning to watch out for the newest Raos in town. The movie that Lionsgate Play brings us, will feature Lara dutiesta, Great strategy and Shinnova in leading roles. And now, the filmmakers have released the trailer for the movie.

Check out the trailer here:

The trailer shows Lara and Prateik as siblings, while Shinnova plays Lara’s teenage daughter. Taking the narrative from the trailer, the trailer shows the characters in a better light. In last week’s teaser, Rajkummar had introduced the new Raos as “shocking and not a rocker.” In the film, Vasu Rao will be played by Lara as the classic modern street who is unable to discover her love life. Prateik will be seen playing Akhil Rao, who thinks he is the newton of relationships. And Shinnova will play Kay, a teenager who considers herself the queen of relationships but who cannot maintain a single one.

Directed by ace filmmaker Kunal Kohli, Hiccups and connections revolves around the life of the unconventional Rao family who do not believe in filters or social norms. I must say that this movie has definitely piqued my interest and I plan to definitely capture this dramatic comedy.

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