“I’m scared of the second album with this one, because the first was such an unbridled success.”

Benedict Cumberbatch feels the pressure to succeed after the success of Doctor Strange (Photo credit – Wikipedia)

English actor Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he wants his acting projects to justify spending time away from his wife Sophie Hunter and their children Christopher Carlton, Hal Auden and Finn.

In the new issue of Esquire UK magazine, Cumberbatch said: “I mean… I like a challenge. I really enjoy my job.

Benedict Cumberbatch said: “When I work, I want to work hard. It has to be worth leaving my family and my home. To make them … Oh, this sounds weird but I guess to validate myself not being there. And if I can come up with a new skill and call it a job, thankfully you know? That saves me some night classes or, you know, the time I don’t have. “

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the new western movie ‘The Power of the Dog’ as rancher Phil Burbank, who torments his brother George (Jesse Plemons) and new partner Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst), and admits that his brutal alter ego was “profound. ”. in his psyche ”.

The ‘Sherlock’ star explained: “It leaves an indelible mark. When you’re creating a character like that, digging into your psyche, it gives you sympathy and reverence. It was not a monster. He was someone who was trying to lead an authentic life. “

Cumberbatch is also reprising his role as Dr. Stephen Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) sequel ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and said he feels the pressure to succeed after the success of the first film.

Benedict Cumberbatch added: “I have the second album Fear with this one, because the first one was a great success and he became a very loved character.”

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