Hiccups and connections: intimacy will be discussed, Lara Dutta will explore casual sex – hiccup and connections trailer lara dutta prateik babbar web show tmov

History highlights

  • Lara Dutta’s web debut
  • Prateik Babbar is also with
  • web series on current affairs

If you want a combination of drama, romance, and a bit of comedy, you won’t have to wait long. The trailer for Lara Dutta and Prateik Babbar’s new web program called Hicks and Hookups was released. This story is about a family that explains that the family should also talk about the intimate problems of others.

Lara Dutta and Prateik Babbar’s new web show, Hicks and Hookups, is coming soon. A preview of the web program has been launched showing the story of a family that explains that the family should talk to each other on all topics. The show will air on Lionsgate Play beginning November 26.

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Daring scene of Lara Dutta in the trailer

The same problem will be seen moderately in the Hicks and Hookups web program. The trailer begins with Vasudha’s (Lara Dutta) dating profile, which is read by her brother Akhil (Prateik Babbar). Akhil takes on the responsibility of creating his sister’s profile, and besides, Vasudha gets his first date. Vasudha, 39, is married and the mother of a teenager. But you have to explore life. She also wants casual sex.

Her daughter Kay is experienced in dating and sex. Akhil’s girlfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t hesitate to get intimate with Akhil in front of her own boyfriend. While Akhil finds it strange. The web program based on so many confusing desires about privacy is a new topic that the audience will be able to see.

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Lara Dutta’s web debut

Lara Dutta is making her web debut through this show. This show is directed by Kunal Kohli. He says: only the image of the perfect family remains in our mind and we avoid talking about these problems with the family. This series is about today’s relationship, how it has so many layers, and how complicated it is. There is a family in the series that talks from breakfast to sexual encounters.


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