Five berry-toned looks we’ve bookmarked for sensual inspiration

There’s no denying that late mauve and berry hues are making a comeback with a fury. From being obsessed with chocolate browns and blacks, little by little we have made a change to go crazy for berry tones. Sometimes a simple smokey eye can seem too basic or too intense for our liking. That’s where Malva swoops in to save you!

I have also been a victim of this whole trend, my flagged images are proof enough of that. But think about it, aren’t the berry hues quite refreshing to look at? Not only do they instill some kind of playfulness, but they’re also super versatile. Whether it’s a mauve smoky eye that intensifies the hazel spots in your eyes, a purple blush that just lifts your cheekbones, a berry-tinted lipstick that brightens your face, or even a monochromatic moment with all things mauve, there’s nothing that these colors can’t do. Here are some lewks we can’t seem to get enough of

Dull plums

While these shades can be a bit overwhelming, a muted eyeshadow with undertones of plum and gray may be your best option if you’re afraid to go the extra mile. Using a little kohl around the edges is a perfect way to intensify your eyes a bit more. A light blush of a subtle pink on the cheeks combined with a pinkish-Naked and ready to stun!

Smoked Berries

We can’t resist a classic smokey eye some days. Imagine giving it a quite fruity touch with berry undertones. A basic matte pink eyeshadow gives you a perfect base that can be deepened in the corners with some dark plums and mauves. Smoking the lower lash line with the same intensified plums increases the smoke. This look is oh so perfect for a hot date on Friday night!

Editorial Drama

With graphic eyeliner having a big moment in 2021, who says graphic eyeshadow can’t be in the spotlight too? This is for the days when you’re feeling a bit daring and adventurous. A mauve feline flick paired with berry drama in the inner corners does the trick when you want all eyes to be on you.

And it was all mauve

Monochromatic makeup has been all jazz because of its power to bring it all together harmoniously. We love to see that the same color palette creates a perfect look. With splashes of mauve in the eyes and a sharp violet hint, accent it a bit more with a berry blush. Missing? A perfect plum lip and your monochrome vibes are illuminated.

The classic berry

Some of us love to play it safe most days. Well who really wants to risk being THERE? There is nothing that can go wrong with a classic berry lip. It’s so versatile that you can practically wear it anywhere and everywhere! Breakfast with best friends? Check. A quick meeting with the boss? Check. A night in the city? Check.

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