Explainer: What is the Karnataka Bitcoin scam, what are the illegal transaction allegations of Rs 5240 crore? – what is bitcoin scam explaining congress randeep surjewala illegal transaction cm basevraj bommai Srikrishna Ramesh ntc

History highlights

  • Bitcoin scam exposed in November 2020
  • Sri Krishna of Bangalore is considered the brain

Bitcoin scam explainer: There is a political uproar in the country regarding the bitcoin scam in Karnataka. Congress has alleged the involvement of ‘influential’ people in this scam. At the same time, the chief minister of the state, Basavraj Bommai, said that if Congress has the names of those influential people, tell us, we will take action against them. The Karnataka Bitcoin scam came to light in November last year. But what is this scam, what accusations are being made, please let us know …

Bitcoin scam caught through drugs

On November 4, 2020, the Bangalore police arrested him in connection with drugs. They seized 500 grams of Hydro Ganja. On the basis of their questioning, the police arrested 10 more defendants, including Sri Krishna Ramesh alias Sriki (Srikrishna, alias Sriki).

According to the Bangalore Police, during questioning, Srikrishna had confessed to hacking into the cryptocurrency website. The police had recovered 31 bitcoins worth Rs 9 crore from Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna was also involved in hacking many government websites in the past.

What was done by hacking bitcoin?

Shri Krishna is said to be the mastermind behind this whole scam. Shri Krishna was a computer hacker. He was in contact with hackers around the world through Internet Relay Chat (IRC). In the world of piracy, Shri Krishna was known as ‘Rose’ and ‘Big Boss’. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs. He hacked many websites to make money. He used to buy bitcoins and use it to buy drugs on the darknet.

According to sources, Shri Krishna had transferred bitcoins to a person named Robin Khandelwal on the darknet to buy drugs. Khandelwal used to run a bitcoin trading company. When the police questioned Khandelwal, the entire Shri Krishna box was opened. Shri Krishna used to hack into the accounts of bitcoin holders and sell them. In this case, the DE has also registered a case against him and had recently questioned him.

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What is the charge of illegal transactions worth 5,240 million rupees?

Congress Secretary General Randeep Surjewala held a press conference and alleged involvement of ‘influencers’ in the bitcoin scam. Surjewala argued that the government should report who is involved in the ‘Bitcoin hedging scam’. Were bitcoins transferred from alleged hacker Srikrishna’s account? Whose were these bitcoins and how much were they worth? He also questioned whether Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, who was then Karnataka’s Interior Minister, should also clarify his role in this matter.

Surjewala claimed that this scam could be very large because illegal transactions of Rs 5,240 crore were carried out in just two days, on December 1, 2020 and April 14, 2021.

At the same time, in response to this accusation, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that Surjewala has alleged illegal transactions of Rs 5,240 crore based on a Twitter identifier. He said it would not be in the interest of a national party spokesman to make such a claim based on a Twitter identifier. At the same time, the police have also denied these allegations and said that no bitcoins have disappeared or transferred.

Who is Sri Krishna Ramesh?

Shri Krishna Ramesh is about 25 years old. When he was in fourth grade, he became interested in computer science and from here he began to learn computer language. It is said that he had hacked his school website and used to change his attendance and grades. When Shri Krishna was in the eighth class, he became a hacker. Sri Krishna, who lives in Jayanagar, Bangalore, did his studies from here and then went to Amsterdam to study computer science.

Even after returning from here, he got involved in hacking and hacked many websites to make money. He also used to steal the data of many users and extort it by threatening to leak it. Also in 2018, a case was registered against him for assaulting a man.


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