Dhoni is also raising Kadaknath chicken, 1000 rupees KG sells meat, you can also win: how to start Kadaknath Kadaknath chicken husbandry tips Tuta poultry farming

History highlights

  • Jhabua also received a GI label for the Kadaknath chicken
  • Demand for Kadaknath chicken increases in winter

When the name of the country’s famous cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is associated with the Kadaknath chicken business, then everyone wants to know how Kadaknath chicken farming differs from the common poultry farm. If someone wants to open the Kadaknath Chicken Farm, how do you get started?

Kadaknath Murgi Palan: The Kadaknath rooster has made a special identity for himself around the world. The main center of this business in India is in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. Kadaknath chicken from Madhya Pradesh is also GI labeled. But now, gradually, people in other states of the country are also turning to Kadaknath as poultry farming.

Identification of the Kadaknath chicken

The most important characteristic of Kadaknath chicken and chicken is that it is completely black. Not only this, their flesh is black and the blood is also black.

Kadaknath chicken is beneficial for health

Kadaknath chicken meat is considered very beneficial for health. It is rich in iron and protein. While the amount of cholesterol is very less. So this chicken is considered very beneficial (Kadaknath Health Benefits) for heart and diabetes patients.

Now that Kadaknath chicken has such a specialty, its demand is always there. Therefore, it is also a way to earn more. Not only this, the government also provides financial aid for the poultry farm. Because people are now joining Kadaknath rooster farming in many states.

To find out more about this business, we contacted Arshi Shamsi, who runs United Poultry in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. He told how new people can start this business. Excerpts from your question and answer:

Question: If someone wants to have a Kadaknath rooster, where should they start?
Answer: It would be correct to start raising a Kadaknath rooster with 100 chickens. Later you can increase according to experience.
Question- How much will have to be invested at the beginning?
Answer- About 50 lakhs will have to be invested in 100 chickens, which includes the cost of building the shed.
Question: Where will I get the training?
Answer: Training can be obtained from any KVK Krishi Vigyan Kendra or CARI Central Avian Research Institute Bareilly.

Question- In how many days are the chicks ready?
Answer: The Kadaknath chick hatches from the egg in 21 days.
Question: In how many days is a Kadaknath rooster ready to sell?
Answer- The Kadaknath chick is ready for sale in approximately 5 to 5 and a half months.

Question: How is Kadaknath’s business different from the common poultry farm?
Answer: Kadaknath is different from common poultry because it is our native breed, so the disease is very minor. But we have to make your market ourselves.
Question: How much income can be obtained annually?
Answer: We can take out two batches of Kadaknath annually, so we can get an annual income of around 1 lakh of rupees to 1.20 lakh per 100 chickens, if it is taken very good care of.

Let us tell you that the demand for chicks for Kadaknath rooster farming is so high that Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh cannot provide chicks on time.

substantial income

The chicken Kadaknath chicken fee is between Rs 70-100. The rate of one egg is up to Rs 20-30. Kadaknath chicken generally sells for Rs 700-1000 per kg. On the other hand, in winter, when meat consumption is high, at that time the price of Kadaknath chicken meat reaches Rs 1000-1200 per kg.

Try hand on Dhoni

As for the former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, after cricket, he is now trying his luck in the field of agriculture and livestock. Dhoni had brought the first shipment of Kadaknath chicks from Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh earlier this year. Which he has prepared and sold in the market, and is now expanding Kadaknath chicken farming.


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