Dangerous PhoneSpy spyware found in 20+ Android apps, stay safe like this: 20+ Android apps found with dangerous PhoneSpy ttec spyware

History highlights

  • Android users in South Korea have been hit the hardest by this
  • It’s called PhoneSpy

Android phone users need to be careful again. New spyware has been detected. Steal users’ personal data. It is present within the applications. Android users in South Korea are currently the most affected by this.

Where this spyware has spread will only be known in the future. It has been called PhoneSpy. According to the researcher, this spyware is presented for the first time in an application without exploiting the vulnerability of the phone.

PhoneSpy in 23 apps

Mobile security company Zimperium has reported this. PhoneSpy has been seen in 23 applications. These apps didn’t look fake. Besides stealing identity, they can also do more damage. According to the researcher, PhoneSpy can take photos and videos in real time without users’ knowledge when accessing the phone’s camera.

These photos or videos can be used to blackmail users on a personal or corporate basis. Apart from this, it can also be used for cyber espionage. This is pretty scary, but if users have downloaded the affected PhoneSpy app by mistake, they should be careful.

These applications require many types of permissions. After giving permission, PhoneSpy hides from the phone app menu and tracks the user in the background. According to the researcher, this application is not currently on the Play Store.

PhoneSpy spreads through redirection of web traffic or social engineering. Tracking down this spyware is very difficult. Because of this, users should avoid downloading the third-party app.


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