Caught 120 kg of heroin smuggled from Pakistan the price is 600 million rupees ntc

History highlights

  • Gujarat ATS arrested three smugglers
  • Heroin delivery found from Pakistani ship
  • The team investigates the horoscope of the captured smugglers

Gujarat ATS has captured a large shipment of heroin smuggled from Pakistan. The team has arrested three accused of smuggling. 120 kg of heroin have been seized from them. Its market price is said to be Rs 600 million.

Gujarat ATS MP SP KK Patel said we had received information from intelligence sources that Mukhtar Hussain alias Jabbar Jodi and Ghulam Bhagad from Jamnagar and Salaya had brought heroin by sea. These people are going to arrive at a place at night with heroin.

The STS obtained information from the intelligence system that the smugglers would arrive at Shamsuddin Hussain Mian Sayyed’s home near Dargah de Kotawala Peer in Jinjuda village of Malia-Miana in Morbi district with heroin. On this basis, the team raided there under the leadership of MP SP Bhavesh P Rojia.

ATS arrested these smugglers

Tightening the noose on the smugglers, ATS arrested Mukhtar Hussain alias Jabbar Jodi, Shamsuddin Hussain Mian Sayyed and Ghulam Hussain Umar Bhagad. 120 kg of heroin worth 600 million rupees were recovered from his possession. The team is examining the smugglers’ horoscopes.

The shipment was received from Zahid in Pakistan.

The ATS investigation revealed that Mukhtar Hussain alias Jabbar Jodi and Ghulam Bhagad had received delivery from a Pakistani ship. The shipment was sent by Zahid Bashir Baloch, a resident of Pakistan. Who is wanted in the seizure of 227 kg of heroin by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in 2019.

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