British rule! There will be 24 hours post-mortem, but no such death: the Ministry of Health notifies a new protocol for the Post Mortem procedure Mansukh Mandaviya ntc

History highlights

  • New protocol notified
  • The Minister of Health gave information by tweeting

The Ministry of Health has notified a new protocol in relation to the autopsy. Except in cases of murder, suicide, rape, mutilated bodies and suspicious cases, autopsies can be performed even after sunset in hospitals with adequate infrastructure. In this sense, information has been provided through a tweet on behalf of the Union Minister of Health.

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said the British-era system is over! The autopsy will be done in 24 hours. Advancing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of ​​”good governance”, the Health Ministry has decided that hospitals that have the possibility to perform nighttime autopsies will now be able to perform autopsies even after sunset.

The new protocol establishes that the autopsy for organ donation must be carried out as a priority. Also, video recording of all autopsies will be done at night to clear up any doubts and for legal purposes.

According to the new rule, in cases like murder, suicide, rape, mutilated bodies, the autopsy will not take place at night. Your information has been communicated to the concerned ministries, departments, and state governments.

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