Are PAK fans giving death threats? Hassan Ali’s wife told the truth: Pakistani cricketer Hassan Ali’s wife talks about whether the family is receiving threats from Pakistani fans tlifw

History highlights

  • Hasan Ali being trolled after dropping a catch in the T20 World Cup
  • Hassan Ali’s wife’s post is going viral

Australia may have won the 2021 T20 World Cup in a blast, but Pakistani cricketer Hasan Ali, who dropped Australian goalkeeper Matthew Wade’s catch in the semi-final match, remains in the headlines so far. Many Pakistani fans still believe that if Ali had caught this catch, Pakistan could have won this match. In such a situation, Hasan Ali was mistreated by being found guilty of the match, although many Pakistani fans have also supported him. Meanwhile, a post from Hasan Ali’s wife is going viral.

Hasan Ali’s wife Samia Khan has posted a story on Instagram and, with the help of this story, has made her point clear. In reality, a fake Twitter account in Samia’s name was being run. For this reason, Hasan Ali, Samia and their son are said to be receiving threats from the people of Pakistan. It was also said in this tweet that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan should help him in this matter. Many Indian politicians were also tagged in this tweet. However, Samia has clarified on Instagram that she has not made any such tweet.

Hasan Ali’s wife said: ‘I don’t even have a Twitter account’

He wrote that many tweets are being spread with the help of this bogus account that me, Hassan and our daughter are receiving threats from the people of Pakistan. But I want to make it clear that this is completely false. Rather, we are getting a lot of support from the people. Please do not believe any of these statements and do not follow any account running on my behalf because I do not have a Twitter account. He also said that people should report those accounts immediately. After Samia’s Instagram story, her fake account has been disabled.

Hasan Ali told the fans, don’t give up hope for me, I feel sadder than you

Significantly, Pakistan had lost to Australia in an exciting match. When Hasan Ali dropped Matthew Wade’s catch, Australia had to score 20 runs on 10 balls. Wade led Australia to the final by hitting three sixes on three consecutive balls after Hassan’s catch. Pakistan captain Babar Azam also admitted that Hasan’s catch was the turning point of the match. However, he supported Hasan, saying that he is one of the best pitchers on his team and that he has won many games before this.

Hasan Ali himself tweeted after the match that I feel more hurt than all the fans, but I want you to never lose hope of me because I want to do my best in cricket in Pakistan. He said I will continue to work hard and I hope this mistake will make me stronger.

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