ahmedabad municipal corporation non-vegetarian food stand egg ban order issued ntc

History highlights

  • Prohibition to install posts near schools, colleges, religious places.
  • Third city to do so after Rajkot and Vadodara

Gujarat’s Rajkot and Vadodara municipal corporations had banned outdoor egg and non-vegetable stalls. Now another city in Gujarat has made a similar decision. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has also decided to close the outdoor non-vegetarian and egg stalls. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has also issued orders in this regard.

According to the order issued by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, food stalls cannot be set up outdoors in religious places, gardens, schools and other public places. This order issued by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation will be applicable from November 16, that is, as of November 16, no food stalls will be installed in public outdoor places.

It is significant that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has become the third municipal corporation to make such a decision regarding egg and non-vegetable stands. Before Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara Municipal Corporation had issued a decree prohibiting the installation of outdoor egg and non-vegetable stands, which had also sparked a new debate in the political corridors.

In the order issued by the Rajkot and Vadodara Municipal Corporation, it was also said that it would take action against those who consume eggs outdoors or take non-vegetables from non-vegetable stands. Gujarat’s Justice Minister had defended the decision, saying it causes problems for passersby.


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